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All of the knowledge of mankind originated in the study of nature.  Before we had languages, we already had studied the stars to know their impact on our own world and how to plan our activities.  It would take millennia for man to begin looking at the divine design of species.  That was over 2000 years ago. Centuries later we would discover the idea of MUTUAL SUCCESS.  

Today, we live in the lap of divine abundance almost without experiencing it. We don’t see how we are fully integrated into the systems of the universe.  As a consequence, we are isolated.  Our success is based upon US v THEM.   The stress of constant battle has rendered so many people unhappy, irritable and downright unkind at times.  

The DNA of… seeks to find our way back to a joyful connection with our selves and the gratitude of our mutual success.  If we work together as nature designed: we are our brothers keeper.  Join us in a community that is all about mutual success .

Except for The DNA of.. Discovery sessions, all products are monthly subscriptions.   

  • The DNA of: Daily Attention inspiration list.

    The DNA of: Mutual Success

    The DNA of: Mutual Success. Work directly with Michael S. Garvin in his personal mutual success mastermind group.  Apply the principles of setting your active attention to important tasks and anchoring potentiality with intentional outcome. Start each day imagining success with other like-minded achievers.

    Duration:  30-45 MIN

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    DNA of: Small Business Coaching


    The DNA of: Coaching for Small Business leverages the philosophy of Goals coaching for a business organization. It helps define the best mindset for leadership, create strategic plans, identity key roles and plan processes for success.

    Duration: 50 Min


  • Moon above Stonehenge signifying divine inspiration in performing goals.

    The DNA of: Discovery Session


    The DNA of: Coaching is an in depth personal relationship. Discovery is about making sure there is a good foundation for the work ahead.

    Duration : 60 MIN

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    The DNA of: 1 to 1 Coaching


    The DNA of:  Coaching sessions for individual 1-on-1 or private coaching is a 1 hour per week commitment.  The number of weeks is determined by the project or client need. It is a weekly tune in and tune up for your highest ambitions.

    Duration : 50 MIN

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    Group Coaching Sessions


    The DNA of: Coaching offers small group coaching sessions.  Each group is limited to four people. We review the past week and upcoming week for each participant.

    Duration : 50 MIN

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    Message Delivery Coaching-Improv


    The DNA of: offers weekly public speaking classes based on improv games used to train theatre performers. Equal parts message and delivery

    Duration : 2 Hrs