Why do we need Goals?

Why do we need goals? Why do we dream? roof windows, attic, boy

The DNA of: Goals

Why do we need Goals? Okay, I stepped right over the debate on whether or not we need goals and made the assumptive question. We need goals. It may seem that many people don’t have or work towards specific goals. Others have so many goals that they cannot possible put energy into them in one hyper Type-A lifetime. But even the person who’s only goal is to pay their rent and feed their family – is working towards something. Not to cast aspersions on such a person, but we are built for more than that. Our survival skills would incline us to feed, cloth and shelter our loved ones. We are spiritual beings first and so, more is required of us.

Goals, therefore, are a spiritual necessity. For our highest good and our growth in this life, we must take on certain challenges that move us beyond our comfort. We have to see some part of existence as more important than ourselves. God does part of the work. Kids love playing certain games for a reason. My daughter began playing with her dolls and having full conversations among them when she was about 8 months old. In her twenties, she started writing novels. The skills learned in play are God’s secret gift preparing us for the goals we pursue later in life. How many kids start college with one idea of their career path and attend one lecture or meet one person that upends all of their plans and focuses them like a laser in a new direction? It happens all the time. God knows what will get our attention and provides it at the perfect moment.

God also blessed us with free will. Many times, we may not take a hint and follow our intuition. We may choose not to take the bait, or we may play for smaller stakes. We will find challenges down any path we take in life. God’s teachings do not skip over a Soul. Free will in humans cannot unravel the Divine plan.

The Hero’s Journey – The Soul’s Journey

In literature there is a construct called the Hero’s Journey. The hero is faced with an overwhelming problem. They must go on a journey to eliminate a threat to all of humanity. They refuse to go until there is an ultimatum. With great reluctance they take on the challenge. The rest of the tale is the journey into the unfamiliar with unsolvable problems, and victories and setbacks, until they win the final battle and return home in triumph. The hero’s journey is the story of every Soul traveling to the shores of the physical realm and back to Spirit. That is why Marvel Comics and superhero tales are so popular. They speak to our soul yearning to be on life-fulfilling mission. We must take up a challenge for our soul’s growth. It is where the best lessons will be learned in our lifetime. That is the purpose of our incarnation: to learn and bring the teachings back with us.

Notice, there is nowhere in this article any mention of accomplishing the goal other than the hero’s journey. The big payout. The part that makes the movie or novel soooo exciting. The Hero’s triumph. That’s really just the ego’s reward. The part that we can boast about later. The journey is meaty. We are used to the big build up and drama that leads to the outcome in a nice tidy plot line. The goal being the big payout is a myth. The hero accomplishes the goal. We celebrate the moment even though we knew the outcome.

The journey is the Soul’s reward. Look at all the work in the plot that sets up the big moment of victory. The plot is the important part. We love how the movie makes us feel because of all the set up. When you ask people about the biggest moments in their life: they were not alone, they didn’t do it all themselves, the unexpected detours were the most interesting parts, and the setbacks brought the most creativity out of them. Most people who achieve their wildest dream often need to find another challenge because the journey is what made them feel alive and vital. Getting there was where all of the juice was. The triumph is a bonus.

Goals force us to take up our mission in life; our personal hero’s journey. We need the journey for the Soul’s growth.

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