Why do Affirmations and Mantras Work?

Woman on mountain top showing she conquered life using Affirmations.

The most effective mantras and affirmations have been energized by saints through the millennia.  The earliest known mantras and affirmations are found in ancient Sanskrit, a language based upon holy vibration.  Hindu saints developed mantras and affirmations over thousands of years to help ease the suffering of their followers and guide them to Self-realization.   These saints asked Divine blessings for healing and guidance over the shape and tone of the mantras and affirmations.  Once they were blessed by the Divine, they were shared with others.  The Gayatri Mantra is one of the oldest and most powerful mantras originally found in the Rig Vedas of ancient India.

Like meditation, the Hindu legacy of mantras and affirmations is prevalent in many other religions.    The elevated masters know that we are all divine beings forced into a confusing world of duality where our divinity has been hidden from usMantras and affirmations were designed to help remove the cloak, with the blessing of the Divine, and allow us to live without the limitations of duality. Or, looked at from a higher state of being, to allow us to experience the physical world as we truly are: the Divine Soul.

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