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We Live in JOY

The DNA OF: Living

DNA has long been thought of as the underpinning substance of scientific makeup. As our DNA is encoded, so must we fulfill our destiny. We have markers for high intelligence, we will be very smart. We have cancer markers, we will be at risk of cancers. Nevermind that some sciences are now disproving the unchangeability of our DNA.

The DNA OF:  practice is to study the rigidly fixed ideas we have about ourselves and make changes so that we flourish. We break down various ideas of being alive: like setting GOALS, into their DNA components in a way that we can scientifically alter the destiny predicted by the DNA. All of this is futile if we do not find ourselves operating in a state of JOY. The DNA Of… LIVING is about doing all we do while maintaining a state of being that is joyous.

We live in joy.  That is what is promised in every religion.  We are made in the image of God.  That too is stated in every religion.  Yet is that the everyday experience of the common person – or just the dogma of saints?  Our natural, soul-based, state is one of great joy. When you are working towards your goals are you expressing joy?

Joy is not happiness: nor happiness, Joy.

A recent TED talk on addiction equated connection rather than sobriety as the antidote. This implies that we receive our validations from association, not accolades.  We live in a world that is creating greater and greater distances between people and trying to bridge them with social media.  How many facebook friends came to your aid when you had the flu? Or needed help with rent money? 

Its our personal connections that really help us out when we are down.  Isn’t it just as true that we have a very select group of friends and family we invite to weddings when we have so much to celebrate?  Connection seems to loom large, even when we invade these relationships with desires. Nobody can achieve anything in a vacuum.  We need to leverage this ancient-brain need for connection and make it more important than desire.

Desires are something that every known religion tries to minimize.  To the Hindus, desire is the greatest enemy for it drives the ego to every extreme just to be fulfilled.  These desires come in all sizes.  We have all noted how extreme poverty can result in extreme wealth in some people (Andrew Carnegie comes to mind).  That same desire drove him almost out of his mind in his later years as he sought to get rid of his wealth and couldn’t because it was growing faster than he could even give it away.

But what about all the other desires. For a larger house, faster car, an attractive spouse.  What about one-upping those in your social class – or the ones above your social class?  Desire drives everything we do – and everything we don’t.  And this simple fact is what prevents us from living like our creator: in joy.

Joy is a perpetual, underlying state of being.  It needs no qualifiers or preconditions to exist.  Happiness is almost universally conditional upon an event, circumstance or object.  The happiness fades faster than the luster of the prize. 

Our task is to find joy.  When we live in endless joy, all that we touch becomes joyful.  All those we touch become joyous.  This may seem Tom Sawyer-esque, but there is a reason it worked for Mark Twain in story telling.

Joy and Goals

We have to set goals.  It is the primary objective in being placed in this training academy we call our earthen home.  The goals have to be worked – not necessarily to be achieved!  Just because we set a goal and work our fingers to the bone for it, doesn’t mean it HAS to be achieved.  This is ego talking.   

I have known many highly accomplished people who are struggling with mental and physical health issues.  They have all that money can buy and the ability to earn more, but that doesn’t buy peace.  It doesn’t foster goals for the sake of the journey, but only for the prize at the end.

The journey is a soul expression

The journey is a soul expression.  The prize desired at the end of the goal is the ego’s expression.  Both feed each other.

It has been said that Americans continue to believe in the postponed goal.  I’ll make my money and then spend it leisurely in my retirement.  I’ll travel the world when I retire.  I’ll write that book that everyone pesters me about when…. when… when….  and When never comes.  Desires unfulfilled equal suffering.  Desires postponed indefinitely equals suffering.  Can you see how this promotes unhappiness rather than joy?

Disentangling our desires from our results in life is a great first step.  Now the high achievers have turned fully away and ridicule this idea as being for losers.  You have to accomplish goals – that’s the whole point.  You want the prize and the bragging rights that go with it.  Oh, so your desires are more important that your reason for existing? Is that what you’re saying?

We exist to go on a journey.  The soul before it incarnated in this present body, chose the time, the place, the family and the circumstances to start out.  We have to take this learning back with us when we finish this life. So, without goals kicking us in the pants, that journey may just be to the end of the sofa where the remotes are waiting for you.  A goal gives us the reason to go on the journey. 

It is on the journey where all of the skills our soul came into this incarnation to learn will be found.  We don’t learn anything setting a goal.  We don’t really learn having accomplished the goal.  We learn everything in the effort in between.

The journey is holds all the worthwhile prizes.  The incidents that challenge us on the journey are remembered far longer than the moment of accomplishment.  The people who made things difficult took us to deeper depths within ourselves.  That is what the journey is about.  So stop being so focused on the goal and begin living for the journey.  Never lose sight of the goal if it is a worthy pursuit.  But bring the joy of every moment to life in the journey.  Celebrate all the setbacks and all the quantum leaps.  They all provide joy if you let them. 

I believe that learning to manage joy as our natural state as opposed to stress, the most unnatural of states, holds the key to accomplishment.  Learning to get rid of suffering the whims of desires so that unconditioned joy permeates each day is the only approach to a successful life.   

Enthus, a greek work, the root of enthusiasm – means the joy of god.  Forever change your state of being: Live in Joy.

Learn the fundamentals of how to live in joy. Learn how to imagine the possibilities of life and eliminate the drudgery of setbacks.  Goals hold the opportunities in which you MUST achieve results, but not necessarily the outcomes you want. Enjoy the journey. In JOY; the journey. You will find yourself achieving things with much greater ease, fun and sense of Self. 

I cannot promise that you will do the work to accomplish your goals.  I can promise that if you follow your own plan and work through the distractions, following the guidance of my coaching you WILL ACCOMPLISH your GOALS while being in a state of joy. … and I cannot promise that once you get the hang of it, you won’t just become a person who achieves more and more.  That will be up to you.

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