The Three Sisters: Nature’s Lesson in Mutual Success

Three Sisters lesson in Mutual Success

Mutual success is nature’s greatest lesson for mankind. The ancients studied nature to find out how best to be a partner in living with all other beings. Indigenous people saw everything as the children of one Earth Mother. Each plant, animal and insect were brothers and sisters of the same Mother. This was their practice in culture that developed the Three Sisters Gardens, a mutual success success story.

Three Sisters are represented by Sister Corn, Sister Bean and Sister Squash. Most of the winter diet was the result of these three being able to provide sustenance throughout the year. They may not have known how perfectly balanced the three sisters are for creating a healthy diet, but it does. They may not have known how the beans provide nitrogen into the soil giving much needed fertilizer the other two sisters. They definitely knew that the corn grew tall and strong providing the trellis the bean could wind around. One sister helping the other. They definitely knew that the squash leaves kept the soil moist and predatory pests at bay, very necessary protection for the other sisters.

Indigenous people thought nothing of welcoming the white brothers and sisters. Mutual success is natural law. After showing the colonists how to work this new land and grow Three Sister’s Gardens, they were run off their lands and driven to extreme displacement for their troubles. It seems that the same madness that drove us then continues to drive us today.

Mutual success is natural law. As a world population, mankind has moved away from the idea of Mutual Success. Today, we all compete to be successful, helping only those who can advance us. Dog eat dog. Mutual success is about creating the space in our own success to provide sustenance to our brothers and sisters. As is the natural order, they will provide sustenance to our success when we do. The DNA of: inspires each of us to imagine the success of those around us. When someone announces a noble goal or ambition, we can pause for a moment and meditate on their successful outcome. That is providing our sister with a little nutrition for their growth and costs us nothing more than a few moments of effort. Thats not a lifelong commitment the way Sister Corn stands for Sister Bean to climb.

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