The DNA of:

The DNA of: NOW is a behavioral concept how we experience the moment
The DNA of: NOW is a behavioral concept linking the past and future in our experience

The DNA OF: was founded by Michael S. Garvin.

Why do you do what you do? Is there a passion that underlies your major contributions to the world? Are you moving from task to task with breakneck speed, barely able to notice life is going by?

Several years ago, Michael invited a small group of friends to begin a new year with a 21-day challenge. No New Year’s resolutions, just commit to accomplishing one step in 21-days towards any goal they wanted to achieve in the coming year. The daily effort could not exceed 10 minutes.All of the people in the first challenge were business owners and successful. Yet this small commitment and the little effort required still brought about deep learning. Others in the group recognized a light going on that this is what Michael should be doing. From that first 21-day challenge, Michael realized that seeing the lights go on, and seeing someone he cares about find the MAGIC to step into achievement, is the biggest thrill of his life. It happens session after session, class after class, and person after person. There is no greater feeling than knowing you have made a difference in the life of just one person: the person who needed you right at that moment.

Michael is a natural analyst. People naturally gifted in analytical thinking have many choices in life such as engineering, medicine, law or even traditional therapy. Michael has been a business analyst with major financial institutions and a serial entrepreneur. He has always been deeply connected to developing a 360 degree understanding of life. The universe is a whole system of which mankind is but a tiny component. The basic laws are simple on the surface and very difficult to implement deep down. It is a wonderful journey.

At some point, Michael’s clients began asking about training them in public speaking. Fear of public speaking is about vulnerability. As a young man, Michael was an actor in Los Angeles and performing or speaking in front of an audience has always seemed natural. Under duress, he arranged the first course in Message Delivery. Through improvisational games and some gentle coaxing, the first class graduated in one night. One and done. Michael realized he needed to develop more curriculum to take the simple principles deeper. Now Message Delivery is expanded and continues to develop.

In all things, Michael comes from a place of love for each person. He uses intuition and deep listening skills to design exercises and games that help people to discover and clear their path to success. The DNA OF: is the result of thought, will and action manifesting something bigger than expected.

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