Woman on mountain top showing she conquered life using Affirmations.

A performance coaching system for total enjoyment in LIFE

There is a field, an energy field, that unites everything simultaneously.  Einstein revealed it in his Theory of Relativity.  Ancient rishis and maharaja’s (great kings) of India have scientifically worked with this field in deeply advanced states of meditation.  It is this field where all of creation began and where all achievement begins. The quantum field if you want a buzzy name for it.

The DNA OF:  is predicated on the idea that everything is energy, something that is ancient knowledge in the East and recently taken as a given by physicists.  The DNA OF:  takes it’s core philosophy from teachings ranging from Genesis in the Bible to the Bhagavad Gita (Song of the Soul).  Religions have taught achievement from the very earliest of found writings over 8,500 years ago.

The first and finest energy in creation is: thought.  Imagine trying to build a house without thinking about it first. How many people are going to use this house? How many rooms are needed? What about bathrooms? You cannot begin to figure out where walls go without letting thought energy manifest ideas.  If thought is the first energy, it should be assumed that it is also the most powerful and most refined of all energies.

The second energy is: will. Having a thought is great, but without the will to put the thought into motion, the thought will languish into oblivion. It is will that converts thought into action.
 It is will, or more correctly volition, that motivates you through trials and challenges on the journey to completion and success.   Will is the second strongest energy.

Action, is actually the result of will.  In order to simply raise one’s hand, there must be first the thought to raise it, then the will to energize the muscles that move it in an upwards (as opposed to another direction).

The DNA OF: involves moving through these basic ideas within the human framework. If it is that simple then, why can’t we simply manifest everything instantly? Because we want proof that it is that easy, and we already have mountains of evidence that such things are impossible. We already have doubts.

 What is the human framework?  It is the emotional, experiential, analytical and intellectual superstructure that dictates most of our common behavior and habits. Achievers overcome habitual tendencies to exceed the obstacles by which they refuse to be limited.  The DNA OF: works to reveal and eliminate unconscious behavioral cycles that deter action, diminish will power and put creative thought on hold. This starts with our thought process. We explore the DNA OF: habitual thoughts, hardwired behaviors, karma, beliefs, self-judgments, and more in how they impinge their results in setting and achieving goals. Most importantly, The DNA OF: resets this emotional debris and invites you to enjoy the process of setting goals, achieving them and loving life’s journey as you go along.