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The road we travel is far longer than the span highways on any map or even the span of years in a human lifetime. We are the immortal and immutable soul. From joy we come and to joy we shall all return. As we pass this way we all could use a little signpost along the way to remind us that we are doing just fine. It doesn’t always seem like it, but we really are doing just fine. Setting goals and working towards them is just the foundation of living. The journey is the expression of living. Doing it joyfully is a choice we make. Hopefully in these little road side snippets, are some helpful bits to keep you joyful in your pursuits.

Microphone in front of blurry audience signaling fear of public speaking

Fear and Public Speaking

Fear of speaking in public is experienced by more than 25% of American adults. More than fear of flying, heights, spiders and clowns put together.

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Woman on mountain top showing she conquered life using Affirmations.

Why do Affirmations and Mantras Work?

The most effective mantras and affirmations have been energized by saints through the millennia. The earliest known mantras and affirmations are found in ancient Sanskrit, a language based upon holy vibration.

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If it requires your Attention, it requires your INtention

Life is a work in progress... So just make progress!