The DNA of: Discovery Session


The DNA of: Coaching is an in depth personal relationship. Discovery is about making sure there is a good foundation for the work ahead.

Duration : 60 MIN

The DNA of :  Coaching, is an in depth personal relationship between the coach and the client. Unconditional love and trust are inherent attributes and the client must feel their presence at all times.  Discovery is about exploring the dynamic energy between coach and client.  The ease of communication in the session is an indication of how well the subsequent process of transformation will go.

This is a mutual audition like a blind date.  We need to understand your goals, ideals and motivations in addition to perceiving what is motivating your need for assistance.  We need to discover the path meant for you and agree to begin the journey together.  We need to agree that you have the commitment and willingness to make the effort. Finally, we need to agree that DNA of:  has the processes and inspiration to keep you in the game.

Discovery session is the beginning point of The DNA of: Coaching.  Then the choice is from one of our coaching programs, the 1:1 private sessions, weekly group sessionsSmall Business Coaching,  or none at all.   There are times when the work is done in one session!


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