The DNA of: 1 to 1 Coaching


The DNA of:  Coaching sessions for individual 1-on-1 or private coaching is a 1 hour per week commitment.  The number of weeks is determined by the project or client need. It is a weekly tune in and tune up for your highest ambitions.

Duration : 50 MIN

The DNA of: Coaching offers private or 1-on-1 sessions for a limited number of clients.   The weekly sessions are offered on a convenient schedule for each client. The number of sessions may be fixed or determined by the success of a milestone.   Each session is a review of designed actions taken and a preview of the road ahead.  Like a piano that must be entrained to stay tuned, we vitalize your mindset to engage all of your powers for success and joy.

If you are a small to medium size business owner and want to explore taking your business to new heights, you may be interested in the Small Business Coaching program.  We learn to set goals in the same way, with a focus on specializing your role within your company and building equally efficient systems around you.

All people who participate in The DNA of: Coaching programs are invited to perform a communal exercise.  Its a selfless gift that brings many rewards. It is the foundation how energy works that we are all connected. Our group sessions invite each person to imagine the success of the others in their group for their noble pursuits.  It only takes about ten people believing in you to make a noticeable difference.  We try to foster that mutual success environment by asking everyone to spend a few moments each day imagining their own success, and that of other DNA of: Coaching clients.   Just know that as a DNA of: client, there are others doing this for you!

From this platform, we also have an invitation only daily mastery program. Work directly with founder Michael Garvin on daily goals and mutual success. He reviews his daily efforts along with others in a private mutual success group to start each day.

PRE-REQUISITE:  All DNA Of: Coaching clients must participate in a Discovery session prior to admittance.

NOTE: All scheduled sessions may be cancelled with 24 hour notice.  Missed or cancelled sessions without proper notice are billed as held.

Monthly Subscription: $300.00

One hourly session per week.


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