Message Delivery Coaching-Improv


The DNA of: offers weekly public speaking classes based on improv games used to train theatre performers. Equal parts message and delivery

Duration : 2 Hrs

The DNA of:  Coaching knows how many people struggle with public speaking.  The Message Delivery coaching program is designed to help people develop the most important messages they want to bring into the world. Equal parts message and delivery, we work on the mechanics of story and bringing our personal story to bear on the passions we live.  Next we work on the barriers that prevent people from communicating in front of others.

The DNA of… Improv, uses the same theatre games that actors learn in connecting with each other, with the characters they bring to life, the dialogue, and most importantly: the audience.  It starts with a game.  We create a game that requires you to connect with all of your senses. Then we play at solving a problem together.  In the process, you discover how amazing you are at communicating even complex information.  The more you play where every answer you give is the correct one and the more you play where everything you do is perfect, the better you will get at trusting yourself to show up with the right message for every audience.

There are two weekly MD Improv sessions with room for 10 participants. Session last 2 hours without a break.

Note: Audits are not allowed to protect the safe environment for the students.

Monthly Subscription:  $160.00

Duration: 2 hours/weekly


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