Group Coaching Sessions


The DNA of: Coaching offers small group coaching sessions.  Each group is limited to four people. We review the past week and upcoming week for each participant.

Duration : 50 MIN

The DNA of: Coaching offers small group coaching for the Living with Joy principles.  Every noble pursuit we can ever imagine is possible to achieve with joy.  Goals are not supposed to hold us accountable, but to hold us up to our higher Self or our soul’s growth:  especially for entrepreneurs.  Finding the path to achieve our ambitions while enjoying life is a process to develop a new set of skills.  These skills come at the expense of prior learning and conditioning. The good news is that there is a wonderful foundation of success already built it to each one of us.  Like growing bamboo, it may take time to get going, and when it does, STAND BACK!  Growth beyond imagining.

The DNA of: Coaching offers six different weekly sessions with a maximum of four participants.  We don’t mind setting the schedule according to your convenience, but it may be better to fit you into the right group instead.  We can make this determination at your Discovery session. Because, this is not a support group, or an accountability group.  This is an intentional mutual success group, we are all in this together.

PRE-REQUISITE:  All DNA Of: Coaching clients must participate in a Discovery session prior to admittance.

NOTE: Group and private sessions are part of a program of intentional mutual success.  Participation is part of the support of other members. All scheduled sessions may be cancelled with 24 hour notice.  Missed or cancelled sessions without proper notice are billed as held.

Monthly Subscription:  $120.00

Weekly one-hour sessions.


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