DNA of: Small Business Coaching


The DNA of: Coaching for Small Business leverages the philosophy of Goals coaching for a business organization. It helps define the best mindset for leadership, create strategic plans, identity key roles and plan processes for success.

Duration: 50 Min


The principles of the The DNA of: philosophy transform individuals and organizations.  Small and Medium businesses tend to operate with the personality of the founders or managing owners.  This is both a blessing and a limitation.  It takes a lot to bring a business into life and make it successful.  It takes more to grow that business from a one-man-band to a team of people, and yet an exponential leap to hundreds of employees.

The DNA of: Coaching helps tune the mindset on goal achievement.  The Small Business coaching process does the same thing, only with the focus being to develop the strategic plan for taking the business to the next level.  Most entrepreneurs are great at one or two things.  To be a master of all is very difficult.  This coaching process helps you define your role for your highest value to the business, and helps you develop processes and systems to make everything else function at the same level.

Mindset  + Strategic Planning  +  Optimum Performance  + Efficient Systems

=  Joyful Growth

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One Hour sessions each week. Monthly Fee: $300.00

Consultation Sessions: 1 Hr.


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