How do Affirmations and Mantras Work?

woman imaging desire affirming what she wants

How do affirmations and mantras work? It may seem like only a short time ago The Law of Attraction made a big splash in the book and blockbuster movie The Secret. Millions of people began ‘putting out to the universe’ all of their desires for fulfillment. As if the universe is a mega shopping channel that ships everything free of charge. I don’t wish to denigrate people who’s lives were changed in leveraging the Law of Attraction. Quite the contrary, I wish to illuminate how people truly use the power of thought and words to fulfill desires.

The Law of Attraction is a universal truth founded on a purity of vibration. This purity creates a symmetry between a person’s habitual thoughts, habitual actions and objects of desire. When there is a high symmetry – fulfillment is virtually automatic. When there is a low vibrational match – the person typically experiences lack. Most people think of the Law of Attraction, Affirmations and Mantras only from the perspective of lack. The truly advanced people use affirmations and mantras for positive outcomes, not just to cover financial needs. Ancient believers developed mantras and affirmations to plant the seeds of change in their consciousness.  Call it the foundational tool of the Law of Attraction. Many modern self-help books float the premise ‘change your thoughts and you change your life’. Permanent change is the purpose of affirmations and mantras.  The moment you utter an affirmation or mantra in deep belief, they begin changing you immediately and permanently.  The latter downfall of The Secret is because the relationship between ‘praying’ or ‘demanding’ an outcome and its fulfillment is not as simple as asking a search engine for a website. Affirmations and mantras change the conscious and subconscious or programmed thoughts and allow a person to change their behaviors to align with their desires.

Many people tried and failed with The Secret and now falsely believe that the Law of Attraction and positive thinking are hokum.  The reality is that true affirmations and true mantras are working as long as you are completely diligent. Your will power must keep you focused until you experience the desired result.  The key is to not look for evidence that a mantra or affirmation is working.  The changes may be many and very subtle.  Gathering evidence to prove the efficacy of a mantra or affirmation is only going to undermine your belief.  One of the most important factors in making mantras and affirmations effective is your 100% belief that you will derive the benefit – no matter how long it takes.

The last component that is evident in the fulfillment of desires, accomplishment of goals and other needs being met when they are needed, is the action required. We mention how the affirmation or mantra is designed to change your habitual thoughts. Once the habitual thoughts change, your behavioral patterns change. The actions you take or do not take change. The information you deem relevant and irrelevant change. It takes time. It takes diligence. It takes faith. It takes action and it takes introspection.

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