The DNA of: Living a Joyful Life

The DNA of:

A coaching program

People are most joyful when they accomplish meaningful things in life. Whether it revolves around work, relationships, health, education or other projects, people feel deep sense of satisfaction when the job is done.  

Sadly, we spend so much time on the journey worrying about the goal that we cannot see the forest through the trees.  We don’t exist to accomplish goals.  We exist to create life as a spiritual being, connected to divine will.  It is the journey that matters and all the lessons along the way are the memories we will cherish. 

In this way, Life is like college – you aim for a degree, but can you learn lots more along the way than just the one subject.  One thing we learn in college is how to have fun creating our life.  Who we are to others and how we identify ourself through our new connections and interests become the passions that drive the rest of our lives. How do we keep that energy alive? How do we lose that energy?  How can we get it back?

Where are you in your journey?

If you are looking here, there is a good chance that it is near New Year’s and some resolutions are tickling your brain, or you have had enough and want help.


The DNA of: Coaching

The DNA of... coaching approaches the known elements of life and provides the tools to accept and master the way we individually handle adversity and achieve success.
Goals are a critical part of our life. This is by Divine design. We cannot escape it. So lets embrace it and find our highest Self.


Group Goals Workshop

The coaching priniciples began with a simple desire to accomplish a few steps to a big goal. These prinicples are explored in a weekly group call where we go through the goals of several participants. People can join by a per week fee or pay a monthly subscription. Each week there is learning and growing.


Message Delivery

Communicating is what we do all day, every day. Try to avoid communicating with someone right in front of you. Even the act of not communicating delivers a message. So why do we have such a phobia about public speaking. No part of the fear is real. Message Delivery explores your unique message, your story. It also uses improvisation games to connect you to your message and your audience.

Work With Us

The DNA of:  has several coaching platforms to begin the journey to achieving wonderful and meaningful things in life while absolutely enjoying the process.  We are all divine beings living in this demanding environment. Its time to start learning the tools that make this easy.  That starts with Discovery

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